Paleo fish cakes

Sweet potato

Tuna (or salmon)


spring onions


coated in almond meal



Day 16

It’s going alright now, not hungry, headaches gone, still very tired though.  The great news is that in 16 days I am down 2.7kg (6lbs in old money!) Yahooo!

I would love to double that by Day 28 – 5.4kg or 12 lbs (nearly a stone!) – who needs food!

I am actually eating much less, but am not hungry.  I guess this has been a wake up call about recognising when the old gut is full and listening to it.  Oh is that you gut?  Yes you are full aren’t you?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm – we’ll see!

Day 11

Not so tired, but enormous headaches now.  Appreciate that white wine and Paleo don’t mix 😦

On a positive note, 1.25kg down in 9 days (almost 3lbs in old money!).

Working towards that half way mark!